Otakaraya, Takahagi Branch is the best place to sell in Sano-city. (Gold, Watches, Designer brands, Jewellery, Stamps, Large and small gold coins, Ceremonial medals, Old coins, Paper money, Cameras, Coins)

For an appraisal and sale, please enquire to us at any time.

Otakaraya, Takahagi Branch 0120-815-595

Tochigi Prefectural Public Safety No. 411040001199 Koichi Hashimoto

Gold, Precious metals, Designer brand bags We purchase in any condition. Otakaraya Group, Takahagi Branch, as seen on the Miyaneya TV program. To Otakaraya, Takahagi Branch Please enquire to us at any time. Parking available! Traders are welcome to visit by truck!
  • Store Purchase

    We will carefully appraise the items you have brought to the branch individually.

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  • Home Visit Purchase

    Suitable for customers who may struggle lifting heavy items, have mobility issues or have limited time! Our specialists will visit you.

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  • Shipping Purchase

    An easy sale where you just need to pack and ship. We will appraise the items you have packed and shipped to us.

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Otakaraya, Takahagi Branch is open. How about tidying up unnecessary items stored in your home and warehouse? There might be hidden treasures which you would not believe the value of. If there are things you have inherited from your grandparents but have not used and would feel guilty to throw away then please feel free to contact us. Our female staff will appraise your items carefully. There is a dedicated kids’ area within the store so please do not hesitate to bring your kids! You are always welcome in our store!
Before throwing away, please contact us! We purchase everything from gold, precious metals, platinum and designer brands to old coins, old paper money, medals, stamps and antiques such as chinaware, etc. We do our best in appraising the items to be able to fulfil the satisfaction of everyone in our area. Anything from things that have been at the back of the drawer and closet to things you have not understood the value of them and have been thinking of throwing them away, we will appraise them for you. We also provide our Home Visit Purchase service for customers who live far away. We welcome any enquiries so please call us first. We are looking forward to welcoming you to our branch to start a happy relationship with you.
List of items we purchase
Gold, Precious metals Diamonds, Jewellery Designer brands Designer brand watches Designer tableware Stamps, Chinese stamps Old coins, Old paper money Gold coins, Coins Cash vouchers, Gift certificates Art, Antiques Ceremonial medals, Military gear items Cameras, Lenses Mobile phones, Smart phones Others